Motorized Directions

Google Maps and most GPS Navigators tend to send RV's from Roxanna New Burlington to Wilson Rd to get to Collett Rd... 


Take Roxanna-New Burlington directly to Pence Jones Rd!

We advise all RV units travel from Roxanna New Burlington to Pence Jones to Collett Rd...

Please refer to the pictures below for the best RV routes in the campground.

Cyclist Directions

Frontier Campground is close to The Little Miami Scenic Trail and The Little Miami River, there are no signs posted for the shortcut from the bike trail to The Spring Valley Wildlife Area Lake at the end of Collett Road

Google Maps will take you approximately 3 miles out of the way and onto dangerous back country roads for cyclist directions even though we are 0.2 mile away from the trail.

We added a SHORTCUT to Google Maps to help you find it a little better. In order to keep everyone safe please refer to the shortcut information listed below...

Approximate Coordinates: 39.56393, -84.02057 

For years we have offered to build a bridge to accommodate our visitors but we are still unable to get clearance from the county and state.

Little Miami Scenic Bike Trail


Frontier Campground

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