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The new playground has been installed...

We are working on the outside entertainment area as quickly as we can, but given the owners accident the timeline has been pushed out past Memorial Day weekend (It's hard running a campground with only one good leg).  We apologize in advance and would like to offer a refund to anyone that does not want to stay here during Memorial Day weekend due to the uncompleted project.  There are plenty of people that are still looking for spots so please find it in your heart to be patient and forgiving this weekend, otherwise please find accommodations elsewhere...


We have been working around the clock making improvements for this camping season.  Our repeat customers always know that things are continuously changing as Walter works on his projects around camp, and they look forward to seeing our improvements every year when they return for a visit.  Fortunately, on 5/7/18, luck was on Walter's side when he was working.  While attempting to install a new outside light on a telephone pole he made sure to secure his ladder firmly and started to climb up...  As soon as he reached the top he heard a noise - the telephone pole was rotten under the ground level and the entire thing went down, taking Walter with it!  He was extremely fortunate that he did not lose his foot, the only thing that saved it was the type of work boots he was wearing - it kept his foot attached (just barely).  He now has a rod, a plate, and nine screws between his ankle and his leg...  We're just lucky that he survived the fall as it could have been much worse, bouncing off the picnic table absorbed enough energy to keep the rest of him intact!  We appreciate all our campers thoughts and prayers during this difficult time.

April 2018

New outside entertainment area...

The swimming pool sprung a leak!  Our visitors from last summer remember when this happened - after a week of repairs and thousands of dollars, it still had a leak!  In order to keep our costs low this summer season we have decided to close the pool and install a new entertainment area - complete with a new misting station and fountains to keep everyone cool during the summer heat.  Also a few surprises to be incorporated!  This project is due to be unveiled Memorial Day weekend.

***5/9/18 - The timeline for this project may change, and we will know more once Walter is home from the hospital***

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"If it's time to take your family away from the hustle and bustle of city life, then the best place to go is the great outdoors. Many campgrounds in Ohio are geared specifically toward young families with all the amenities and family-friendly atmosphere that you could ask for. Here are five great campgrounds for families to enjoy in the state."


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Campground is 11 wooded acres!

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Our campground is 11 wooded acres with 94 sites!

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